With hundreds of online learning resources available, an indoor rainy day doesn’t have to be boring. If you have a computer, you and your kids are just a click away from a variety of family-friendly recipes, exercise videos, drawing tutorials, science experiments, and music lessons. Keep reading to learn how to transform a rainy day into a fun, educational experience. 

Healthy Recipes

Cooking is a great way to teach kids how to eat healthy and follow recipes, which can carry over into adulthood. Kids can also enhance their math skills by measuring the ingredients. Start with simple recipes, such as making hummus or a salad. Roasted chicken is a more advanced recipe, but your child can enjoy stuffing the chicken with seasonings. 

YouTube Exercise Videos

Frequent exercise is associated with enhanced coordination, cognitive development, and self-esteem. With that being said, a rainy day can make outdoor physical activity difficult. The good news is that YouTube has hundreds of kid-friendly exercise videos to get your kids up and moving. From fun workout routines to yoga tutorials to dance how-tos, these videos are sure to burn off some of that rainy-day energy in no time. To end the workout session, check out a few kid-friendly stretching videos. 

Drawing Tutorials

Drawing can help children develop skills in self-expression, creativity, and fine muscle control. The importance of drawing in a child’s development is reflected by the vast number of online drawing tutorials for kids. In fact, there are entire websites dedicated to teaching kids how to draw everything from food and cartoons to animals and vehicles. If your child is currently interested in a particular book or movie, there is likely a drawing tutorial available to teach them how to draw their favorite character. If you want to start with drawing basics, check out some beginner videos that focus on shapes, lines, and simple designs. To get started, all you need is some paper and a few pencils.

Music Lessons 

Learning how to play a musical instrument has been associated with higher levels of self-esteem, patience, and physical coordination. There is also evidence to suggest that playing an instrument makes it easier for kids to learn other subjects and can even result in enhanced language development. While there are a number of instruments to choose from, two of the most common kid-friendly instruments are the saxophone and the clarinet.

The saxophone is often considered one of the easiest instruments to learn and can be played across a number of genres, including jazz and rock. For children who love playing the recorder, the clarinet is a great next step. This compact and versatile instrument is one of the easiest for children to hold and can be used to play a variety of diverse music. Because the saxophone and clarinet are among the most popular instruments, there are countless online lesson videos to get your child started.

Don’t let a rainy day bring you and your kids down. If you want to beat the boredom, simply jump online and explore a number of fun, educational videos, tutorials, and lessons that your kids will enjoy. With each rainy day comes an opportunity to help your children develop a variety of diverse skills. Make your next rainy day the best one yet through a combination of physical activity, drawing, and music.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay